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Ovens for bars and cafes

For smaller establishments such as bars, gastro bars and cafes that are looking for compact, energy-efficient ovens, mychef ovens are the perfect solution, providing high technology so you can offer the best possible product. mychef can perform any cooking operation. It can be used to prepare fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, breads, pastries, and desserts.
mychef's oven will allow you to cook everything on your menu, from the best tapas to the best desserts.


I save money on energy with the MyChef compact oven, and I also make better use of my small kitchen.

We place delicious recipes at your fingertips.

mychef suggests the best recipes, including step-by-step guidance and plating suggestions to help you achieve the perfect result.  Go into the Recipes menu and discover dishes such as hake in green sauce, veal cheek, chicken with sweet peppers, and many other options. If you are looking for inspiration, mychef evolution has what you need: a recipe book created by and for chefs.

What’s in the refrigerator? Ingredient-based cooking.

Ingredient-based recipe searches will allow you to take full advantage of what you have available in the kitchen. Choose one or several ingredients, and mychef evolution suggests recipes that can be prepared with those ingredients.

Now, just imagine. If you didn’t have to clean the oven, what could you do with the extra time?

Mycare takes care of cleaning your oven. It allows you to clean the chamber by selecting one of several available self-cleaning programs. It eliminates every type of build-up automatically without human intervention.  Select the cleaning program depending on the level of build-up, and the mychef oven will clean itself automatically. And now we offer an additional cleaning program, ECO, which further reduces toxic environmental emissions while also reducing detergent and energy use.
And thanks to the patented UltraVioletSteam system, the final wash cycle generates pathogen-free steam throughout the chamber, leaving it sterilized for maximum food safety.

Steam condensation hood

If you operate in a small space without a smoke vent, the condensation hood is the accessory for you. The hood absorbs and condenses the steam that exits the oven through the vent. It is easy to install, and can even be retrofitted. This accessory allows you to remove any smoke, vapor or odors generated while cooking.

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