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Thank you very much for your purchase of a mychef product. We expect our product to provide you with excellent service at all times.

As the manufacturer of the product that you have purchased, we are confident in its excellent quality.



This document describes the general warranty conditions for the mychef product that you have purchased.

Please read this document thoroughly and call us if you have any questions.


The warranty period for our mychef appliances is 2 years (or 5000 hours of operation), and 10 years for the chamber and metal structure of mychef ovens, beginning on the installation date. This warranty applies only to equipment registered at the following website:

The warranty on non-registered equipment is 1 year


Why is it important for you to register your equipment?

- So that you can benefit from the warranty terms offered by Distform

- Because it allow us to get to know you better

- Because we will know precisely which product you have, in order to offer you better service and maintenance

- If you need a repair, we will be able to arrive with the right parts, thus streamlining the process


Data Privacy Policy

Any personal data that Distform receives from end clients will be included in a computerized file that it owns and will be processed in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data). 

These data will be stored and may be used to inform you of marketing actions, issue maintenance notices, and send communications regarding promotions or advertising over communication channels such as electronic or postal mail.

If you wish, you may communicate with Distform with a request to query, update, rectify, cancel, or contest these data.

Distform, S.L, with CIF (Taxpayer ID number): B25262726 and domiciled at Torrefarrera, province of Lleida, P.I. Torrefarrera, at the corner of C. Tramontana and C. Migjorn, no number.



Our company undertakes to guarantee the mychef product (not including consumables) for a period of 2 years following its installation or 5000 hours of operation, and to guarantee the chamber and metal structure of your mychef oven for 10 years, in the following conditions: 

1.  The equipment must be correctly installed exactly as indicated in the Distform product installation manual and in compliance with the technical and safety requirements in force in the country in which it is used.

2. The warranty becomes null and void if non-original mychef replacement parts and consumables are used. The end client must use mychef consumables exclusively.

3. The client promises to use the equipment correctly, in compliance with that which is set out in the user manuals.

4. The maintenance, review, and inspection plan established by Distform must be carried out.

5. An anti-limescale system must be installed

6. The product must be registered at the website

7. The end client must inform the installer of any defect within a maximum period of 14 days after it is detected.

8. The warranty does not include free inspection or checking of the equipment. Normal wear and tear of the equipment is not covered.

9. If, during inspection, Distform’s official technical service is of the opinion that the existing equipment defect is not covered by the warranty, the end client will be responsible to cover the expense of the inspection performed.

10. Products such as the following are considered consumables and are not covered by the warranty:

- Oil

- Door gasket

- Descaler

- Glass

- Ultraviolet

- Mycare detergent tablets

- Light

11. Warranties can be covered only if the original purchase invoice is attached.



The products included in the mychef product line with the warranty conditions described in this document are:

- mychef EVOLUTION S ovens

- mychef EVOLUTION L ovens

- mychef CONCEPT S ovens

- mychef CONCEPT L ovens

- mychef ISENSOR vacuum packer

- MYCHILL chillers



1. This warranty does not cover defects due to causes other than the design and manufacturing of the product, for example, electrical problems such as sudden power surges or unexpected outages. 

2. The warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by the use of unsuitable chemicals, problems with the water supply (for example, pressure or limescale) or, in particular, defects caused by using the product in a manner other than that described in the instruction manual, resulting in defects due to misuse.

3. In addition, the warranty dos not apply to defects caused during transport that are not attributable to the manufacturer, or due to incorrect installation or inadequate maintenance.

4. The use of improper containers, grills and utensils will also void the warranty.





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