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The only 100% automatic vacuum packing machine

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Vacuum packing in the easiest, most convenient way is now within your reach with Mychef iSensor: a professional vacuum packing machine that has revolutionised the whole vacuum packing industry.







Packaging has never been so easy


With iSensor's automatic mode, vacuum packing is as simple as counting to two: just insert the food into the bag and lower the lid. iSensor does the rest: it calculates the perfect vacuum, even factoring in the thickness of the bag and the atmospheric conditions. Perfect, unsupervised packaging.

The iSensor packaging machines embody a breakthrough in the vacuum packaging industry. Its intelligent technology combines maximum user-friendliness with the best results, and all unsupervised. Save time. Save power. Packaging has never been so easy.

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Unleash your creativity


You're in control. Choose packaging parameters, vacuum percentage, cycle repetition, sealing times and inert gas percentage according to your needs. Create and organise your own packaging programs and save them for later on. Enjoy free rein over your creativity and experiment with techniques such as soaking, foaming, marinating, colouring and flavouring food, deaerate sauces... Whatever you can imagine, at your fingertips.

Want to know more about Mychef iSensor vacuum packaging machines?

Real technology to meet real needs

iVac Smart Sensor
Patented Technology

The intelligent iVac sensor automatically selects the ideal vacuum setting for each product type, unsupervised: it detects the size, quantity, type of food and whether it is liquid or porous. iVac optimises the packaging cycle time.

iSeal Smart Sealing
Patented Technology

The iSeal intelligent sealing system automatically regulates the sealing time and temperature for each cycle unattended. It also prevents overheating of the sealing bar, extending the life of all its components.

SCS Self-Calibration System
- Patented Technology

The SCS system always guarantees flawless vacuum packaging. iSensor is calibrated automatically and with no user input. Neither the altitude nor the weather conditions will change the packaging's quality.

Soft Air Technology

The Soft Air function enables a gradual return to atmospheric pressure after sealing so that even the most delicate and fragile foods or products do not lose their shape during packaging.

Extra seconds with Vac+

With Vac+ functionality means you can add up to 20 seconds of additional vacuum once 100% vacuum has been reached. This technology forces the air out of the inside of porous foods, guaranteeing seamless vacuum packaging.

Inert gas packaging

It packages any type of food while preserving food safety and guaranteeing the quality of the most fragile fresh foods: fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. The added inert gas also protects fragile foods that could break or become misshapen during packaging.

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More control in your kitchen with the iSensor app

With the free Mychef iSensor app, connect via Bluetooth to your packaging machine from your mobile phone. Manage your equipment remotely and conveniently. Moreover, thanks to the printer (optional accessory) you can print stickers with valuable information and stick them to the vacuum bags.

Record the name of your products, the packaging and expiration dates, storage temperature, and even create bar codes so you have a complete record of your production. Get better organised and control your kitchen food stock!

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Models of the Mychef iSensor professional packaging machine

The only 100% automatic vacuum packing machine on the market

Technology and design: The most acclaimed packaging machine

The superiority of the iSensor packaging machines has not gone unnoticed by the industry. Awards such as the Red Dot Awards, the Adi Delta Selection Awards and the German Design Award are proof of our innovative design and quality.



Extend your warranty to 2 years!

All our equipment comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Want extra peace of mind and security? Extend your warranty for another year free of charge by filling out this form!

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