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Ovens for restaurants

For restaurants that need efficient ovens that cook with precision while minimizing energy consumption, mychef ovens are the perfect solution, especially if you want to use precision cooking to draw the full flavor out of your recipes. mychef oven is the most advanced solution for ensuring that the cooking process transforms the product with the least possible aggression and the greatest respect for its properties. The features of mychef ovens, their dynamic properties and small size, make tmychef's oven the most versatile solution for meeting the demands of any restaurant’s kitchen, from fast food establishments to restaurants known for haute cuisine.



The reliability of mychef ovens has allowed me to focus on managing my business.

TSC (Thermal Stability Control)

Precision temperature

The patented TSC (Thermal Stability Control) system offers the highest temperature stability in the cooking chamber of any oven. The result is dishes with more appetising textures and great power savings.

  • Get precision cooking at low temperatures
  • Maximum temperature stability with hardly any fluctuations (±0.2ºC)
  • Get better end product texture
  • More power savings

Fast menu: created especially for you.

This option provides access to a personalized menu based on individual user needs. You can set up the menu to provide you with easy access to the functions you use most frequently, and you can restrict the main menu and its functions, leaving only those options that the kitchen staff actually use. Cooking with a core probe for more precise internal temperature control.



Cooking with a core probe for more precise internal temperature control.

Once the probe is inserted into the product being cooked in the mychef oven, it reports the internal temperature of the food, giving you more precise control. Using a probe gives you greater assurance that you are following the recipe precisely.  With its single measuring point our sous-vide core probe is ideal for cooking small items, for low temperature cooking, and for vacuum cooking. The multi-spot probe, with its 4 measurement points, allows you to cook large items. The panel of the mychef oven displays the actual core temperature of the product at all times, providing you with continuous visual control of the cooking process.

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