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Mass Catering

Ovens for mass catering

For corporate institutions, schools and nurseries, hospitals, residences, catering,or events requiring high-volume production but where cooking safety and quality are required, mychef ovens are the perfect solution, offering high technology for the best possible final product.

mychef oven is your assurance of food safety and the highest respect for the product, preserving all of the organoleptic qualities of foods.


mychef technology's performance and precision gives me uniform results in large productions.

Your assistant for reheating cooked foods

Food quality, presentation, temperature, and speed and promptness of service are a key factor in many large-scale restaurant businesses. mychef offers a function that acts as your assistant for reheating foods. Reheating is accomplished by quickly selecting the food type and setting certain predefined parameters for ensuring proper reheating.

Maximum food safety with UltraVioletSteam

mychef has been awarded the Smart Label prize for Innovation at Host Milano 2017, for its innovative and patented UltraVioletSteam technology, a revolution in food safety for professional kitchens. Its new ovens are the only ones on the market capable of generating absolutely pure, sterilized steam totally free of pathogens even at low temperatures, thanks to their innovative and exclusive ultraviolet ray system. The result: fast, dense, and totally safe steam. Achieve maximum food safety with the sterilized steam generation system, UltraVioletSteam. In addition, the last cycle of the new automatic cleaning system generates pathogen-free steam throughout the chamber, followed up by a final drying cycle to ensure maximum food safety. 

HACCP data registry available on your Smartphone

The mychef oven allows you to record the temperatures and events that take place as you use the ovens. Now, thanks to the mychef evolution cloud system, you can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer wherever you are to quickly view the HACCP analysis data for your ovens, chamber and core probe temperatures, door status, water and energy consumption, etc.

Convert the mychef oven into a mobile unit

By using free-standing trolleys, you can convert the mychef oven into a mobile appliance that does not require running water to generate steam during cooking. Ideal for open-air catering or banquet services, allowing you to take the efficiency and features of a professional oven outdoors. The trolley provides independent operation in the steam mode for up to 3.5 hours without requiring a running water source.

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