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Ovens for hotels

For hotels that serve a high volume of meals, the difficulty lies in making sure that dishes are of uniformly high quality, and that’s where technology comes in. mychef's oven offers you the most sophisticated features in mixed ovens, for achieving an excellent final product. If you want to save energy without giving up the latest intelligent cooking technology, mychef ovens are the perfect solution for offering the best possible product in an efficient and standardized way.


“Reliable technology and the ability to store processes in memory allow me to ensure a standard of quality with no surprises”

Maximum productivity y maximum savings con MyCookingPlanner.

With MyCookingPlanner, you can simultaneously cook different foods with different cooking times to take full advantage of the productivity of your oven and to save energy in your hotel. mychef evolution displays compatible foods on its screen (foods that can be cooked together). The oven automatically adjusts and recalculates the cooking time for the different foods, depending on the product load, the time, and the number of times the oven door has been opened.
The business side of the restaurant and hotel industry requires the use of organizational technology. Defining and organizing cooking processes allows you to manage your kitchen better. With the Multilevel option you can begin cooking several dishes at the same time. Each tray cooks independently, and you get a message on the oven screen or on your mobile device telling you when to remove the trays.  With the Just in time option, you can cook several dishes with different cooking times, so that they all finish at the same time.
Begin preparing first and second dishes at the same time, reducing waiting time and increasing customer satisfaction.


25% less water consumption with SmartClima Plus + MultiSteam

SmartClima Plus moisture control, combined with the innovative MultiSteam steam generation system, provides the amount of steam needed at all times to maintain the exact moisture level required. This results in a water savings of up to 25%. With the patented MultiSteam technology, steam is generated much more quickly and with maximum density, far greater than that of traditional direct-injection or boiler-based steam generating systems.

Connect your ovens to the future

With the MyCloud system, your mychef evolution is always connected to the cloud and at your service.  Register your ovens so that they are interconnected at all times. You can create a recipe using the oven, a smartphone, a tablet or a computer and quickly share it among all the ovens in your hotel chain. In addition, with the mychef cloud app you can display the cooking process in each oven from any location, as well as easily modify, create, and save recipes. mychef evolution communicates with you and shows you what it is doing at all times. Drive your business with the best technology available!

Gastronorm GN trays, grills, and tubs

Discover a full range of trays, grills, and tubs for the hospitality and restaurant industries, which you can use to prepare delicious recipes such as chicken thighs, roast potatoes, grilled vegetables, fish, and an endless variety of other dishes.  These are an indispensable tool in any kitchen.
In addition, mychef evolution makes your work easier by telling you which tray to use for each of the recipes included in mychef mode and in the smart recipes from MySmartCooking.


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