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Ovens for baking and pastry-making

For bakers and pastry makers who must produce large volumes with excellent quality, high throughput and low energy consumption, mychef ovens are the perfect solution, offering high technology to ensure the best possible product. The mychef oven allows you too bake everything from the tenderest loves of bread to the best pastries and desserts, croissants, muffins, cakes, puff pastries, coulants, creams, flans, etc.


MyChef ovens give me the exactly the precision I need for baking pastries and breads.

MySmartCooking, the intelligent cooking system for perfect baking.

The new mychef evolution oven makes cooking easy thanks to its intelligent cooking mode, MySmartCooking. If you choose the confectionery category, mychef will show you all the recipes you can prepare: bread, pastries, cookies, merengues, and all the cooking methods available for this category, including baking, steaming, rising, etc. mychef evolution detects the amount, size, and state of the product, processes the information and automatically adjusts the temperature, moisture, ad cooking time, recalculating the parameters if necessary to achieve the perfect result.  In addition, the Go&Cook option allows you to cook any product in that category, even if doesn’t appear on the screen.

Consistent cooking for the best result

With the SmartWind function, cooking evenly is guaranteed, thanks to the innovative thermodynamic design of the fan, combined with intelligent management of the fan’s direction of rotation.  This function is perfect for baking bread, cakes, merengues, pizzas and focaccias, since all sides of the food are cooked evenly. SmartWind intelligently determines which of the 6 fan speeds is the best to use at any given time. Thank to the different fan speeds offered by mychef ovens, you can be assured of perfect results with delicate products such as pastries, baked goods, and dehydrated foods.


If you are looking for inspiration, mychef evolution has what you need. A recipe book created by and for chefs. Choose among delicious pastries and other baked goods. The recipes include step-by-step guidance and plating suggestions to help you achieve an unparalleled, worry-free result. Choose one of the many built-in recipes, and mychef evolution does the rest.


Accessories and trays for bakery and pastry ovens

Mychef offers a wide variety of trays and special accessories for baking and pastry-making, such as the new removable runners that can be installed 80 mm apart, a distance especially suitable for baking and pastry-making. You can order aluminum and non-stick 600 x 400 mm trays for pastries and bread trays that can hold up to 6 loaves per tray.

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