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Intelligent user interface offering maximum simplicity

Mychef Evolution, the best kitchen aid. Its intelligent cooking system makes cooking easier than ever before. With its interactive recipe book, you can create incredible dishes with astonishing simplicity. The cloud connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) means you are always connected to your equipment, wherever you are. And its innovative technology optimises power savings. A truly intelligent control panel capable of collecting data, processing it and providing you with personalised information to run your business successfully.

All this, easily accessible from a 6.5-inch high-definition touch screen in 21 languages and an illuminated rotating knob. Just as convenient and easy to use as your smartphone.

Panel de control Evolution


Cooking has never been so easy

With the MySmartCooking system, cooking is as easy as making a wish. Simply select the food by category, choosing the cooking type and setting the browning, size and doneness parameters. mychef calculates the rest automatically. It’s that easy.

  • Sensors in the cooking chamber detect the quantity, size and condition of the product
  • Consistently perfect results
  • Controls the cooking process at all times (temperature, time and electricity and water consumption)


Multitasking, without the stress

Cook foods with different cooking times simultaneously with MyCookingPlanner. A great way to take full advantage of your oven’s productivity and save energy. The screen shows you what foods are compatible, and your mychef evolution automatically adjusts and recalculates the cooking time for the different foods, depending on product load, time, and how often the oven door has been opened.

  • Intelligent simultaneous cooking
  • Multilevel. Independent cooking with different finishing times
  • Just in time. Independent cooking that ends at the same time


The best way to control your oven. Far and away.

Manage your oven from your smartphone

Download the MyCloud app and manage your mychef evolution from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Additionally, Access the cloud system from the private area of the of the MyCloud website to create, safe or modify recipes and send them to your oven with just the push of a button. And if you seek inspiration, on the cloud you’ll find delicious recipes created by and for chefs and updated regularly.

  • Manage your oven from your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Guided recipes with regular updates
  • Search for recipes by ingredients with the mychef cloud app
  • It automatically recalculates the quantities per ingredient, according to the number of diners or trays

Integrated recipe book

Delicious recipes created by and for chefs

Looking for inspiration? In the cloud, there are delicious recipes created by and for chefs that are updated regularly. Delicious options with every ingredient, prep instructions, cooking parameters and suggested dishes that guarantee optimal results. Select one of the many featured recipes and let Mychef surprise you with the results. Plus, thanks to Mychef Evolution's intelligent design, the software automatically recalculates the amounts per ingredient if you change the number of diners or trays.

Recetario integrado

Fast menu

Customised menu to suit your needs

Forget about constantly programming frequently used functions. With Mychef Evolution, you can configure the menu to give you quick access to the most frequently used functions. You can also narrow down the use to the main menu and its functions, giving kitchen staff access to only what you decide. And of course, you can synchronise your personalised menu with all your Mychef ovens with a simple click from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Fast menú

Features of the Mychef Compact Evolution mixed oven

  • 3 cooking modes (convection - mixed - steam)
  • Core probe cooking. With Plug & Play connector for single, multipoint or sous-vide probe indistinctly.
  • Preheat & Cooldown. Automatic preheating or cooling of the cooking chamber
  • MultiSteam. Patented double steam injection technology, 5 times denser and faster than with traditional boiler or direct injection systems. Removing moisture from the cooking chamber
  • SmartClima Plus. Intelligent system of sensors that adjust the energy and humidity in the chamber according to the type and quantity of food
  • DryOut Plus. Active extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber thanks to its low pressure technology. Crisp and golden ultra-fast and perfect
  • SmartWind. Faster and totally homogeneous cooking thanks to the intelligent management system for the direction of rotation and the 4 speeds of the turbines
  • MyCare. Automatic cleaning system with detection of the degree of dirt and automatic warning
  • MySmartCooking. ntelligent cooking system. Choose the product, the type of cooking, adjust the size, browning and the point, the oven will calculate the parameters for a perfect result
  • Multilevel.
  • Just in Time. It synchronizes the introduction of the trays to have all the dishes prepared at the same time, ideal for menus
  • Manual regeneration
  • Wi-Fi connection with remote equipment software update
  • MyCloud. Stay connected to your oven with your mobile or tablet. View the cooking status, create and save recipes from anywhere and send them to your oven, or consult the extensive recipe book that is constantly updated
  • FastMenu. Create a quick access screen to the programs and functions of your choice
  • Check cooking. Summary of daily, monthly or annual consumption
  • NightWatch. Automatically continues overnight cooking right where it stopped after a power outage

Available Mychef Compact Evolution models

6 GN 2/3

Starting at 5.049€

Taxes not included

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6 GN 1/1

Starting at 5.477€

Taxes not included

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9 GN 1/1

Starting at 6.273€

Taxes not included

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6 GN 1/1 T

Starting at 5.569€

Taxes not included

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