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Digital control for more precise cooking than ever before

Mychef Concept is an intuitively controlled oven, designed to achieve excellent cooking with maximum precision.

You can easily operate Mychef Concept from day one. The oven includes a central LCD display with quick access keys to cooking and washing programs.

The LCD display and its illuminated rotary knob simplify all processes and provide information on what to do next. An intuitive, convenient way to interact with the oven and know how your cooking is proceeding at all times.

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Features of the Mychef Compact Concept mixed oven

  • 3 cooking modes (convection - mixed - steam)
  • Core probe cooking. With Plug & Play connector for single, multipoint or sous-vide probe indistinctly.
  • Preheat & Cooldown. Automatic preheating or cooling of the cooking chamber
  • MultiSteam. Patented double steam injection technology, 5 times denser and faster than with traditional boiler or direct injection systems. Removing moisture from the cooking chamber
  • SmartClima Plus. Intelligent system of sensors that adjust the energy and humidity in the chamber according to the type and quantity of food
  • DryOut Plus. Active extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber thanks to its low pressure technology. Crisp and golden ultra-fast and perfect
  • SmartWind. Faster and totally homogeneous cooking thanks to the intelligent management system for the direction of rotation and the 4 speeds of the turbines
  • MyCare. Automatic cleaning system with detection of the degree of dirt and automatic warning
  • 9 quick access keys to saved washing programs or cycles
  • USB connection for equipment update and HACCP data logging
  • NightWatch. Automatically continues overnight cooking right where it stopped after a power outage

Available Mychef Compact Concept models

6 GN 2/3

Starting at 4.141€

Taxes not included

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6 GN 1/1

Starting at 4.468€

Taxes not included

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9 GN 1/1

Starting at 5.161€

Taxes not included

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6 GN 1/1 T

Starting at 4.559€

Taxes not included

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