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Your frozen bread and pastries fresher and crunchier than ever

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The right equipment for your business

You need convenient, easy-to-install equipment to provide fast service. Mychef Bakershop has been specially designed to simplify work and bake in record time using simple parameters. Bakershop represents the ideal professional oven ideal for:








Fast food restaurants


Bakery chains


Crunchy and golden finish

Get crunchy, crispy goodness in all your baking thanks to the SteamOut system, which removes excess moisture during cooking, creating dishes with juicy inside and crunchy, mouth-watering toppings.


Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of the air carried out by its two-speed fan and "Fan Plus" mode, with automatic regular changes in the direction of the fan, you get consistent, uniform results, regardless of the load or the number of trays.

Bake, grill, dehydrate, regenerate, and so on.


Ultra-fast preheating

Make the most of your time with the ultra-fast Preheat system, which quickly reaches the desired temperature in the cooking chamber, saving energy. This ultra-fast preheating system cuts out unnecessary delays, improves speed and production, and makes your customers fall in love with freshly baked bread!

180 degrees in
1,31 min
Bakershop 10 trays
180 degrees in
3,45 min
Bakershop 6 trays
180 degrees in
4,40 min
Bakershop 4 trays

Cooking frozen foods

Bakershop has been designed to bake frozen bread, pastries and food, and that’s why your baking keeps its flavour.

Equipment designed to be agile and dynamic by taking food directly from the freezer to the oven, bypassing traditional processes and reducing potential bacterial contamination.

Program up to 40 recipes

Program up to 40 recipes with one, two or three phases in your Bakershop oven. This functionality is ideal for standardising production and getting consistent results in all recipes. Manage all your Bakershops with the Remote Control, no matter how many locations you run. Our goal is always the same: to standardise results.

Always get the same results and eliminate having to constantly supervise and train.


Spectacular performance

Mychef Bakershop offers precision, controlled cooking, a user-friendly experience and maximum practicality. Its compact design enables large volume production of cakes, puff pastries or pastries, creating consistency in each item:*

60 baguettes 18 min
120 large croissants 18 min
360 mini napolitane pastries 15 min
240 mini ciabattas 18 min
20 large pastries 15 min
60 cakes 20 min

* Possible results with a Bakershop 10 fully-loaded trays (600x400).

Total oven control, from wherever you are

With Mychef Bakershop you can monitor your oven activity and remotely alter parameters with your mobile phone, tablet or computer easily and from wherever you are. Preheat it before arriving at your restaurant, turn it off when it has finished its wash cycle, save recipes or control all your ovens from a single control panel. All from one device, nothing to worry about.

Control your oven with your voice

Turn it on, turn it off, ask what temperature it is at or how long before it is done baking. And all without stopping what you're doing. With a simple “Ok Google” ask the device for these and many more options thanks to Mychef's compatibility with the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant example

Control panel

Save the cooking parameters of your favourite recipes and run them at the touch of a button. Mychef Bakershop has 8 quick access keys that mean you always get the results you want from all your creations. In addition, you can carry out up to 3 different cooking phases automatically.


Mychef Bakershop convection oven models

Your frozen bread and pastries fresher and crunchier than ever

4 trays - upper opening (460x330)

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4 trays - lateral opening (460x330)

Starting at 1.360€

Taxes not included

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4 trays - upper opening (460x330)

Starting at 1.970€

Taxes not included

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4 trays - lateral opening (460x330)

Starting at 2.150€

Taxes not included

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6 trays (600x400)

Starting at 2.950€

Taxes not included

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10 trays (600x400)

Starting at 4.150€

Taxes not included

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Want to know more about Mychef BAKERSHOP ovens?

Innovative, internationally award-winning design

The new Mychef Bakershopoven was awarded the international Red Dot Award in the Product Design category in 2020, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. Mychef Cook combines core convection oven functionalities, high quality and the most innovative technologies with a stunning design.



Extend your warranty to 2 years!

All our equipment comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Want extra peace of mind and security? Extend your warranty for another year free of charge by filling out this form!

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