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mychill Blast chillers

Prolong the life of foodstuffs by ensuring hygiene and safety standards. As specialists in industrial ovens and other professional equipment, we know that this is the main advantage that temperature chillers offer. How do they work? Desolation is a process by which freshly cooked foods are quickly cooled. Thus, the internal temperature of the food decreases considerably in a short time and the proliferation of microbes is prevented.

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iSensor selected for Delta 2018 Awards

The Expert Committee of the Delta 2018 Awards has considered iSensor for the Delta 2018 selection, which includes the most outstanding products of 2018 and will be part of the exhibition "The best design of the year" organized by FAD, within the Hub Barcelona Design, and also the book ADI Book 2018 Awards.

mychef has been chosen for the Delta 2018 selection with its mychef iSensor packaging machine.

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