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Vacuum packaging in Gastronorm containers

mychef isensor envasado al vacío

The use of Gastronorm containers for vacuum packaging is widespread in restaurants, bakeries and collectivities. This system offers, in certain situations, multiple advantages compared to traditional packaging in vacuum bags or in modified atmosphere. In this article we show you how to do it using the iSensor vacuum packing machine from mychef and what advantages this system provides.

Necessary equipment:

Intelligent vacuum packing machine iSensor

Special Gastronorm vacuum container. Thicker than conventional containers. Available in capacities GN 1/1, GN 1/2 and GN 1/3.

Polycarbonate lid for Gastronorm special vacuum container.

Accessory for external vacuum. For packaging outside the vacuum packaging machine chamber.


1. Connecting the external vacuum kit to the vacuum packer

With the quick switch connection, you do not need any tools to connect the kit to the packaging machine.

2. Vacuum packaging process

Select 100% vacuum on the control panel. Activate the packaging process by lowering the lid of the packer. To obtain the vacuum in the tray, place the external vacuum accessory on top of the closing valve of the container lid. Press for a few seconds. Once vacuum packaging is complete, the accessory is released.

3. Storage

Gastronorm trays are characterized by their standardized measurements, an easy to store and transport format.

4. Opening the container

The easy handling of the lid closing valve allows the container to be opened and closed as many times as necessary to repeat this operation.

Advantages of using the external vacuum kit:

Allows you to store larger quantities of food under vacuum by using Gastronorm buckets (specially reinforced for this purpose). Compared to the use of vacuum bags.

It allows to maintain the freshness and volume of the product without the need to inject inert gas. Ideal for products that could be crushed or deformed when packed in vacuum bags: salads, doughs, sauces, pasta, cooked dishes, fish...

It allows food safety to be respected, ensuring optimum vacuum tightness.

The use of standardized Gastronorm containers guarantees maximum comfort for the storage and transport of food.

It delays the deterioration of food by removing oxygen from the inside of the container. Depending on the product, its shelf life can be doubled or tripled.

It is a good solution for preserving leftover food in collectivities.

Vacuum packaging in Gastronorm containers can also be carried out inside the chamber of the packaging machine as long as it accepts its capacity. In this case the use of the accessory is not necessary.

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