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Uses of the Mychef goSensor professional vacuum packer in different sectors


Vacuum packaging is a method of preservation that, in addition to ensuring food safety, is widely used in non-culinary sectors for its convenience and speed. If you are looking for an efficient and competitive professional vacuum packer for your butchery, fishmonger, restaurant or other business, we invite you to discover the new Mychef goSensor. Its sensor technology, high quality materials, patented systems and optimized control offer you perfect results in a comfortable way whatever your activity is. Find out about its uses in different sectors here!

Vacuum packing in butcheries

For a butchery, maintaining hygiene when handling fresh meat is vital. Thanks to the incorporation of vacuum packaging in your company, you will prevent these foods from being contaminated, prolonging their useful life and reducing waste. To enjoy these benefits, it is necessary for the packaging to be totally hermetic, preventing air from entering or leaving the bag.

That is why the Mychef goSensor vacuum packing machines offer a 4 mm thick seal that ensures that the food inside the bag is always well protected. And if you want to save time in your business, Mychef goSensor is able to pack up to two bags on top of each other in an optimal way, reducing production time in your butchery by 50%!

Vacuum packed fish and shellfish

You own a fish market and you're looking for an off-road team? With the Mychef goSensor you can vacuum pack all kinds of fish, molluscs or even sauces, obtaining uniform productions. Its memory stores the last vacuum parameters used so that you can use them again once you turn on the packaging machine. This way, your serial packaging will always be homogeneous and practically identical.   

In case you need to vacuum pack foods with delicate shapes such as seafood, its Soft Air function will be your great ally. To prevent fragile products from deforming or breaking the bag during packaging, the Mychef goSensor packaging machine slowly and progressively recovers the atmospheric pressure when this function is selected. This way, the package adapts to the food and will be well presented, offering a better service and quality guarantee to your customers. Isn't it incredible?



Vacuum cooking in restaurants

Vacuum cooking can bring many advantages to your restaurant. By cooking the food in a bag and in its own juices, it preserves better its organoleptic properties, keeping all its flavour and achieving an appetizing texture. In this case, it is an indispensable requirement that the vacuum packaging has been done with the greatest possible precision so that the cooking at low temperature and for long periods of time is exquisite. The Mychef goSensor technology detects when the desired vacuum percentage has been reached, with maximum respect for the specific needs of each food. 

Likewise, its special programme for packaging liquids will allow you to properly store your restaurant's dough, sauces or dressings, avoiding spills in the chamber. And if you want to keep your porous food in perfect condition, Mychef goSensor has a solution for you too! Its Vac+ function extracts the air from the interior of cheeses or doughs, thus delaying their oxidation.

As you can see, the Mychef goSensor is a professional vacuum packing machine with all the features that you need.

Vacuum packaging in non-culinary sectors

Vacuum packing is not only limited to gastronomy. If your activity is related to industry, health or logistics, among other fields, Mychef goSensor can help you enormously. How? Below we show you some examples of its applications in non-culinary sectors:

  • Health: vacuum packaging avoids direct handling and contamination of medical instruments
  • Chemicals: chemicals are vacuum-packed to maintain their properties and to ensure safety during handling and transport
  • Jewellery: the vacuum packaging of jewellery and metals prevents external conditions from affecting these products and spoiling them
  • Electronics: electronic parts such as chips, cables, batteries... can be vacuum packed to avoid oxidation and facilitate storage

Outstanding features of Mychef goSensor 

Finally, there are two features of the Mychef goSensor professional vacuum packing machine that you should be aware of, as they are important for all sectors. On the one hand there is its patented Self Calibration System, by which the packaging machine is automatically calibrated before packaging. This prevents external pressure conditions from influencing the final result.

On the other hand, an outstanding function related to its maintenance is the Autoclean Oil system. Thanks to it, Mychef goSensor controls the vacuum cycles carried out and warns you when to clean the oil, so that your equipment is always in perfect condition and lasts as long as possible. 

We hope this article has helped you to learn more about the new Mychef goSensor vacuum packing machine and the main uses you can make of it whatever your sector. If you would like more information about all its uses, please register here and we will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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