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Low temperature cooking

Cocciones baja temperatura

Low temperature cooking can be defined as the cooking process where the cooking temperature is close to the desired core temperature. For this type of cooking it is essential to have a technology that ensures precise control of cooking temperature and humidity - with the mychef professional ovens, you will have excellent results - this is why it is the best oven in the world.

There are two basic approaches to low temperature cooking:

Cooking with or without vacuum bags. This will depend on several factors but basically on whether we want to perform immediate or indirect cooking. Obviously if we work with vacuum bagging, apart from the possible impregnation of the product with the base liquid, we gain in food safety and in the reduction of waste.

To cook without a vacuum bag, it is very important to control the humidity level, as it must be adjusted so that the product does not dry out and therefore does not reduce the humidity. In addition, moisture will allow us to preserve its texture and juiciness. It is true that many foods are going to rust and change colour because they do not have a vacuum bag, i.e. a medium without oxygen.

Low temperatures are very important when it comes to obtaining excellent texture and nutritional results. The low temperature helps to digest the food to a greater degree and therefore we are not only feeding, but we are also feeding our customer better.

Another very important field in cooking at low temperatures is in desserts. All those doughs with yeast and/or eggs will be very sensitive to temperatures when it comes to fixing a certain texture and therefore, by playing with this firing temperature, we can obtain different results. Let's notice that the egg in each degree of temperature has a different texture. But not only in the textures we see interesting changes but also in the aromas we appreciate a very important impact. The low temperatures will always maintain the aromas much more and in this way we will be able to offer our client not only a taste and tactile experience but also an olfactory one. Thanks to mychef's patented technology, such as the TSC (Thermal Stability Control) system, we achieve unrivalled temperature stability in the firing chamber. The result is dishes with more appetizing textures and great energy savings.

The TSC system measures the temperature in the firing chamber several times per second and transfers the amount of energy needed to provide maximum temperature stability with little fluctuation (±0.2°C).

The result is unparalleled precision in low temperature cooking, vacuum cooking, dehydration, pasteurization, and steam cooking.  The final product maintains all its organoleptic properties and brighter colours, all with less weight loss, respecting the product to the maximum.

In addition, the accuracy of the TSC system means that your mychef oven only consumes the energy needed to keep the temperature stable, preventing temperature peaks.

The result: energy savings of up to 23%.

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