10 advantages of vacuum packaging with iSensor manual mode

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If you want to get a vacuum packaging with maximum guarantees, with iSensor you have it insured. As you know, our professional vacuum packer machine is the most intelligent of the world, and thanks to its automatic and manual operation modes, it can be adjusted exactly to the needs of each foodstuff. That's why today we want to highlight the 10 advantages of vacuum packaging with its manual mode, full of many possibilities. Discover them and get the most out of your vacuum packaging machine!  

1. Repeat consecutive vacuum cycles: give free rein to your creativity for gastronomic techniques such as deairing sauces, colouring, impregnating or flavouring. The Multi Cycle Vacuum (MCV) patent replicates up to a maximum of 9 vacuum cycles consecutively to save you time and help you do other tasks in your kitchen.

2. Maintain the vacuum for an indefinite period of time: a vital function for producing solidified foams, doing osmosis or marinating. Thanks to the Vacuum Standby, our vacuum packer is able to reduce the impregnation time by 90% compared to the traditional technique. 

3. Cleaning shellfish: the vacuum in the chamber has an ideal function in shellfish cleaning. Immerse the shellfish in a bucket full of water and choose the Vacuum Standby mode so that the vacuum inside the chamber free of impurities. 


4. Extra vacuum for porous foods: There are porous foods, such as cheese or fruits, that need an extra vacuum to be preserved and cooked at low temperatures. Select Vac+ to extract the air from the inside and make sure they are completely sealed.

5. Packaging delicate foods: you've probably wondered if it's possible to pack fragile foods without them losing their shape or breaking. This is no obstacle for iSensor as it has Soft Air, which combines the progressive entry of air into the bag with its extraction, making it more adaptable and the perfect choice for displaying vacuum products. 

6. Save custom programs: If you use specific vacuum parameters regularly, you can save up to 10 custom programs with iSensor. Just turn the rotary knob on its control panel to start them up, keeping the same standard throughout your production. 

7. Packing fresh products with inert gas: pasta, shellfish or vegetables need a protective atmosphere to be transported without losing their properties. By filling with inert gas from iSensor you will respect food safety and avoid spoiling them. 


8. External vacuum in Gastronorm trays: the external vacuum kit is highly recommended for caterings or communities that prepare and store large quantities of food and want to respect the volume and freshness of its ingredients. 

9. Sealing time: In automatic mode, the unique iSeal patent makes possible to forget about programming the sealing time. In manual mode, you can set the desired sealing time or let iSensor set it automatically, safely and successfully.  

10. Hermetic sealing of jars and canisters: for crunchy foods that must be kept dry, the vacuum bag in the packer can be replaced by hermetically sealed jars, provided they have a rubber band. iSensor will extract the air from the inside and thus maintain its organoleptic properties. 

Do you see the great added value that iSensor's manual mode can bring to your kitchen? And this is only a part of everything that makes it up. If you want to know more about it, please contact us on our website and social networks and we will be happy to help you.

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11/09/2019 11:00

¿Cuanto tiempo para el punto 3?

12/09/2019 11:15


Respondiendo a tu pregunta, normalmente el marisco que adquirimos en grandes superficies suele estar bastante limpio, por lo que con uno o dos minutos (máximo) utilizando la opción Vacuum Standby de iSensor es suficiente para que quede perfecto.

¡Gracias por tu comentario!


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