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Vacuum cooking

Three keys to vacuum cooking

More and more restaurants are signing up to the technique of vacuum cooking. And they have no shortage of reasons: vacuum cooking improves the taste of your dishes and production processes, key aspects for an industrial kitchen. If you want to obtain the best results with this technique, we offer you three essential keys in this article.
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10 reasons to vacuum cook in your bar or restaurant

Vacuum cooking has become increasingly popular among professional cooks for a variety of reasons. If you want to know more about this technique and everything it can contribute to your business, we offer you 10 reasons to vacuum cook that will convince you to use it in your bar or restaurant.
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Vacuum fruit impregnation with the iSensor vacuum packer

Vacuum impregnation is a culinary technique that has long been used in the food industry. Thanks to it it is possible to introduce a liquid into a porous food such as fruits, using a professional vacuum packer such as iSensor, from the range mychef by Distform. It can also be used to season or marinate meat and fish.
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6 myths about vacuum cooking

Vacuum cooking is one of the most suspectible ways of maintaining and preparing food, despite the fact that it has been shown to be totally healthy and to optimise processes related to hygiene and food safety.
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