How do we prevent bacterial proliferation in a restaurant kitchen?


On this occasion our blog will deal with a topic of special interest for restaurant kitchens, food safety, and what is the solution we have incorporated in our ovens to ensure it: the use of antibacterial plastic elements

To prevent the spread of microorganisms related to food processing, our professional ovens have an antibacterial additive in their plastic parts that reduces the presence and proliferation of them. This innocuous chemical compound is found in the most manipulated areas of the equipment, as they are:

Handle: it is the piece that we touch the most to open and close the oven's cooking chamber, so it must always be clean and in perfect condition.

Control panel: used to select cooking parameters, it is another part susceptible to physical contact and exposed to a higher bacterial load.

Rotary control: mychef ovens have an illuminated rotary control in their control panel to choose the desired cooking parameters and to advance in the main menu.

Internal and external water collection trays: removable pieces that prevent the formation and accumulation of water under the appliance.

Embellishers: decorative elements placed in the frame of the oven's cooking chamber that can be in contact with the chef's hands and the steam.

The antibacterial material acts by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms adhered to the plastic parts of the oven when these come into direct contact with hands or other surfaces. This drastically reduces the bacterial load in the kitchen of a restaurant and prevents its spread in 99% of cases.



Key aspects of food security 
Food handling, high temperatures, humid conditions and food debris are factors that make restaurant, hotel and community kitchens the ideal setting for bacteria to reproduce more quickly. For this reason, food safety must be taken into account at each stage of this process. This includes working with a machinery that favours the maintenance of hygiene and avoids, as far as possible, the appearance of bacteria that cause infections and intoxications such as salmonellosis, botulism or Escherichia coli or E. coli.

These microorganisms are generally present in fresh food and in a greater percentage in some specifics such as raw meat and fish, unpasteurized milk or eggs. If these raw foods are not treated and preserved properly, their ingestion could generate various problems in the health of the diner.

That is why, in addition to the use of antibacterial plastics, mychef ovens ensure food safety with its ultraviolet UltraVioletSteam system, a patented technology that generates pure, pathogen-free steam even at low temperatures.



The maintenance of the cold chain
Also, to keep food bacteria at bay, we recommend always respecting the cold chain, as microorganisms cannot reproduce at temperatures equal to or lower than 0ºC. To do this, it is very useful to work with appropriate equipment, such as the blast chillers. These refrigerating chambers help to preserve the qualities of the food, reaching temperatures of -18ºC.

At mychef we are concerned about food safety in restaurant kitchens, that's why our R&D department is always looking for innovative technologies that help professional chefs. If you need more information about this or other topics related to professional cooking, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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