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We present the range of professional ovens and vacuum packaging machines for 2020

New Mychef professional ovens and vacuum packaging machines

At Mychef we are presenting the new range of professional ovens and vacuum packaging machines for the year 2020: Mychef Cook, Mychef Snack, Mychef Bake, Mychef Bakershop, iSensor, goSensor. These six new product lines complement the current Mychef Compact Evolution and Concept range and feature innovative technologies adapted to the needs of each sector and at very competitive prices. Would you like to find out more about our new ovens and packaging machines and their unique cooking features? Here they are!  


Mychef ovens: technology and robustness 

If there is one thing that characterizes our three new ranges of ovens, it is their combination of technologies and their robust design that ensures greater resistance. The new models Mychef Cook, Mychef Snack, Mychef Bake y Mychef Bakershop, together with the Mychef Compact range of combi ovens, open a wide range of possibilities for chefs and businesses. 

Mychef Cook, the ally for the best cooking results

Our Mychef Cook combi oven is specially created for chefs who want to cook in comfortable steps without sacrificing an excellent result. Mychef Cook has a simple control with buttons and MultiSteam system, which generates dense steam in just 45 seconds; DryOut Plus, which extracts moisture from the oven's cooking chamber to obtain golden and crispy textures; and the MyCare smart self-cleaning system included as standard.

In addition, the new Mychef Cook can integrat Wi-Fi and is compatible with the Google Voice Assistant, allowing remote control of the oven from a mobile device.

  • Recommended for: restaurants, caterings, hotels
  • Capacities: 4 GN 1/1, 6 GN 1/1 and 10 GN 1/1


From 2.320€ (RRP)





Mychef Compact, the best cooking in the minimum space

The S models of our Mychef Evolution and Mychef Concept ovens become the Mychef Compact range. These mixed ovens offer great versatility under small dimensions and differ in their handling with two different controls, adjusted to each need. The Mychef Compact Evolution model is an intelligent oven with a touchscreen, awarded for its international design and has MyCloud, a system connected to the cloud. On the contrary, Mychef Compact Concept is a functional oven, with digital control with quick access keys.

Our Mychef Compact range is characterized by taking up little space in your kitchen, offering maximum performance and precision in vacuum and low temperature cooking thanks to its patented Thermal Stability Control (TSC) system. Together with the UltraVioletSteam patent, which generates pathogen-free steam, it offers you endless possibilities and great safety and efficiency.

  • Recommended for: gastrobars, restaurants and hotels. Ideal for low temperature cooking.
  • Capacities: the Mychef Compact range is available in longitudinal and transverse dimensions. Longitudinal: 6 GN 2/3, 4 GN 1/1, 6 GN 1/1 and 9 GN 1/1. Transversal: 4 GN 1/1 T and 6 GN 1/1 T.


From 4.060€ (RRP)






Mychef Snack, your backup for immediate kitchen service

For a dynamic and accelerated cuisine, it is essential to have an equipment that responds to speed, practicality and reliability. Mychef Snack is the new and revolutionary convection oven with adjustable humidity. It is compact, easy to install and has been specially designed to make work in small restaurants, bars, cafeterias, food trucks and food stores as easy as possible.

With Mychef Snack you can cook, grill, regenerate dishes and dehydrate food while maintaining all its flavour. It is ideal for quick and easy cooking.

Mychef Snack can also be connected to the Google Voice Assistant, making it possible to manage it remotely.

  • Recommended for: small restaurants, bars, cafeterias, food trucks and food stores
  • Capacities: 4 GN 2/3 y 4 GN 1/1 - opening at the top or at the side


From 1.190€ (RRP)



Mychef Bake, the sweet experience of baking on another level

Are you a pastry chef or baker? Our new Mychef Bake combi oven is designed to bake all kinds of cakes, puff pastry or pastries evenly. Mychef Bake ensures perfect a baking on bulky pieces thanks to its 85 mm distance between guides. Its uniform distribution of air and humidity in the chamber, together with its MultiSteam and DryOut Plus technologies, ensures homogeneity in high production. It features the MyCare self-cleaning system.

One of the most practical features of Mychef Bake is its compatibility with the Google Voice Assistant. With this, you can control the cooking status at all times, even in those that require very long times.  

  • Recommended for: pastry shops, bakeries and workshops
  • Capacities: 4, 6 and 10 trays of 600x400 mm 


From 3.240€ (RRP)


Combi oven Mychef Bake




Mychef Bakershop, your frozen bread and pastries more tender and crunchy than ever

Are you looking for a fast oven to provide immediate service to diners? At HostMilano we have presented Mychef Bakershop, a convection oven with with adjustable humidity and an ideal finish for front-cooking. Its compact design and eight keys allow you to memorize the cooking parameters and execute the usual recipes in a simple way.

And as we know you want an oven with easy installation, the Mychef Bakershop models with a capacity of four trays work with single-phase current and you can choose between an opening system with side or upper handle.

Mychef Bakershop can also connect with the Google Voice Assistant, which makes it possible to operate your oven or ovens remotely.

  • Recommended for: cafeterias, small shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and bakery chains
  • Capacities: 4 trays of 460x330 mm or 600x400 mm, 6 and 10 trays of 600x400 mm


From 1.190€ (RRP)




Latest generation vacuum packers

In addition to our ovens, we have presented two models of vacuum packing machines. The Mychef iSensor and Mychef goSensor ranges have outstanding features for different culinary uses.



Mychef iSensor, the only 100% automatic vacuum packer

Our iSensor vacuum packing machine is a product recognized and endorsed by its design and comfortable user experience that has been redesigned following the demands of the chefs. Mychef iSensor is the only 100% automatic vacuum packing machine on the market, capable of perfect packaging regardless of the type of food and just by lowering its lid. In addition, Mychef iSensor has a manual mode, ideal for impregnating, marinating, coloring or flavoring food, deaerating sauces...

To better manage your stock of packaged goods, with Mychef iSensor you can manage its parameters through its free app Mychef iSensor, compatible with Android and iOs. Thanks to it you will be able to manage the activity of your packaging machine and print adhesive labels.

  • Recommended for: restaurants, hotels and supermarkets
  • Automatic mode: iVac, iSeal and SCS patents for a vacuum, automatic sealing and calibration without intervention
  • Manual mode: MCV patent for repeating up to 9 vacuum cycles and Vacuum Standby patent to keep the vacuum inside the chamber
  • Busch vacuum pumps

From 2.289€ (RRP)




Mychef goSensor, practical and competitive vacuum packaging

Created for simple and effective use, the Mychef goSensor vacuum packer is suitable for businesses that want to pack daily without complications and at a competitive price. Its sensor technology detects the type of food in the bag and its quantity, to give you the best results.

To simplify its handling to the maximum, with Mychef goSensor you only have to choose the desired packaging parameters in its control with three buttons and lower the lid. It's that easy! Its robust materials and its methacrylate lid shaped like a dome allow you to work with bulky pieces and visualize the packaging process at all times.

  • Recommended for: butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, restaurants and non-culinary sectors (health, chemistry, jewelry, electronics ...)
  • Technologies: SCS patented system, liquid packaging program, SoftAir function, Vac + function, Autoclean Oil system
  • Becker vacuum pumps

From 1.783€ (RRP)


These are some of the most outstanding features of our new ranges of Mychef professional oven and vacuum packing machines, but there are many more. Do you want to discover them all? Contact us and we will answer all your questions!


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