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Keys to getting the most out of your blast chiller


The blast chillers are very practical equipment in the hostelry sector, as they cool food quickly and favor a proper maintenance of food safety. Unlike traditional freezing in refrigerated chambers, which is slow and expensive, the use of a blast chiller reduces energy consumption and at the same time respects the qualities of the food. 

In order that you can get the most out of your blast chiller, we offer you three keys to take advantage of it and extend its useful life. Take note!

How does a blast chiller work?

In order to use your blast chiller properly, you must know how it works. The blast chillers have fans that distribute the cold air homogeneously in the chamber, making the food inside them reach the desired cooling or freezing level. Distinguishing between the two types of chilling will make you take better advantage of your resources in the process:  

· Positive chilling: the internal temperature of the food falls from 90ºC to 3ºC in just 90 minutes. Positive chilling can be performed either soft chilling, which is suitable for cooling delicate and fragile foods, or hard chilling, which is recommended for fatty products or large pieces. 

· Negative chilling: the internal temperature of the food falls from 90ºC to -18ºC in just 240 minutes. This process is slower, but it reaches lower temperatures that completely freeze the food.

Knowing which type of cooling to use will help you avoid costs and wasted time in your kitchen.


1. Time or probe control

The first key to optimize your blast chiller is to differentiate and choose between time control or probe control. These are the two ways to manage the activity of your equipment and it will depend on the type of food introduced into the trays and its quantity. Here, we show you what are the differences between them:

· Time control: the blast chiller performs the positive or negative chilling in the recommended time, 90 minutes or 240 minutes, respectively. In any case, the time is adjustable by the user according to their needs. 

· Probe control: by pricking a thermal probe in the heart of the food you can know its internal temperature and handle your blast chiller based on it, which guarantees greater accuracy.

2. Defrost to prolong its service life

One of the main obstacles for your blast chiller to work properly is the formation of frost in the evaporator. This occurs when air enters the chamber during cooling and may decrease the performance of your equipment. To prevent this problem,  we recommend that you have a blast chiller with automatic defrosting system. It effectively dissolves the ice and frost of the evaporator and delays its appearance. With this you will obtain a notorious improvement in the productivity of your machinery. 


3. Maintain proper cleanliness 

The third and last key to taking care of your blast chiller is that you clean it properly, both inside and outside the chamber. To do this, you will have to disconnect the equipment from the electrical current and wipe it with water and neutral soap, eliminating any food debris. It is also important that you empty the drain to prevent obstructions that can cause breakdowns. 

Although cleaning a blast chiller is a very simple process, performing it frequently is vital to ensure food safety and that its functionality is like that of the first day. 

These are our three keys to know better your blast chiller and enjoy it for longer. If you want to share with us another point that you consider important, or ask us any doubt about it, we are at your disposal! 

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