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Advantages of the cook & chill system

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At mychef by Distform we have a wide range of kitchen machinery that helps you to save time in your business and gaining quality in your dishes. In this post we will deal with the cook & chill system, a way of cooking and preserving food that you can do with our mychef evolution and mychef concept professional ovens and our mychill blast chiller.

What is the cook & chill system?

Having a high knowledge of cooking techniques is not enough to guarantee an efficient management of today's professional kitchens. More and more restaurants not only give priority to offering a quality product, but also control the entire production process in order to obtain a result that is also standardised, profitable and that has been carried out with less stress.

The cook&chill system consists of the combination of a professional oven with a blast chiller. The benefits of this system are extensive in terms of organoleptic quality, food safety and product preservation. But above all in the optimization of work in the kitchen, in the weekly planning of purchases and production and in the management of waste and 'downtime'.

1. Thermal danger zone for bacterial contamination

The storage of raw or cooked products is a critical process because the temperature range between +65 º C and +3 º C is considered a risk of bacterial growth. Lowering the temperature is the most effective and safe method for preserving food because it achieves rapid cooling of products crossing in a very short time the area of maximum danger.

2. Types of cooling process

There are two types of cooling process depending on the refrigeration system chosen for its subsequent conservation. 

Positive chilling: fast cooling

The internal temperature of the food falls from 90°C to 3°C in 90 minutes. The product should be consumed within a maximum period of 5 to 7 days and stored in refrigerators.

Negative chilling: quick freezing

This makes the temperature at the heart of the food fall from 90°C to -18°C in 270 minutes. This type of chilling is recommended for all types of products that are intended to be stored for several monthss.

3. Advantages of chilling

Safety and hygiene guarantee: it prevents the proliferation of bacteria by rapidly reducing the internal temperature of the product.

Organoleptic quality: maintains the consistency, taste and original texture of food because it avoids the creation of typical crystals of traditional freezing.

Rationing and regenerating: it allows to have an optimal stock control, to plan the production, besides to facilitate the service through the regeneration.

Plan purchases: allows you to buy raw materials and seasonal products in larger quantities at a better price and offer more variety on demand.

Less waste: at the end of the cooking the food loses weight by evaporation, through the chilling we stop this process.

Optimal preservation: allows careful and prolonged preservation of cooked foods reducing waste.

4. What combination of oven and blast chiller do I need?

Blast chillers are used in restaurants, caterings, bakeries, pastry shops and ice-cream parlours. In mychef by Distform we have mychill, a robust and efficient blast chiller that adapts to all needs. In capacities for 3, 5, 5 transversal, 10 and 15 GN, mychill stands out for its ease of use and comfortable maintenance.

In combination with the professional mychef evolution and mychef concept ovens you can have a large production capacity in half the space of conventional ovens, as well as saving on water and energy consumption.

5. More information about chilling

Would you like to have more information about the use of blast chillers? Don not hesitate to consult our blog, where you will find other interesting articles about their advantages. Share with us your opinions!


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Hola estoy abriendo restaurants en Tailandia y queria saber si teneis distribucion aqui. O cuanto me costaria el transporte.

10/06/2019 08:38

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Gracias por tu interés en la gama mychef. Estamos tramitando tu solicitud, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para ofrecerte más información.

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