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Blast chillers

Keys to getting the most out of your blast chiller

The blast chillers are very practical equipment in the hostelry sector, as they cool food quickly and favor a proper maintenance of food safety. Unlike traditional freezing in refrigerated chambers, which is slow and expensive, the use of a blast chiller reduces energy consumption and at the same time respects the qualities of the food. 
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Strategies for freezing and chilling food

Cooked foods prepared to be regenerated should be cooled as soon as possible to prevent the multiplication of bacteria and maintain their texture and juiciness. There are several techniques and tools to cool (blast chillers such as mychill, cameras or large capacity refrigerators ...) and freeze (ultra cool freezer, liquid nitrogen, water with ice and salt ...).
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Advantages of the cook & chill system

In mychef by Distform we have a wide range of kitchen machinery that helps you to save time in your business and gaining quality in your dishes. In this post we will focus on the cook & chill system, a way of cooking and preserving the food you can make with our ovens and blast chillers.
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mychill Blast chillers

Prolong the life of foodstuffs by ensuring hygiene and safety standards. As specialists in industrial ovens and other professional equipment, we know that this is the main advantage that temperature chillers offer. How do they work? Desolation is a process by which freshly cooked foods are quickly cooled. Thus, the internal temperature of the food decreases considerably in a short time and the proliferation of microbes is prevented.

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