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Tips for regenerating vacuum-cooked foods

The appearance of vacuum packaging techniques and machines undoubtedly represented a true revolution for contemporary cuisine. Vacuum cooking was soon erected as a comfortable, simple and economical way of organising recipes,  making cooks and kitchen equipment gain a lot of time and, above all, helping them to save resources and raw materials.

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Vacuum fruit impregnation with the iSensor vacuum packer

Vacuum impregnation is a culinary technique that has long been used in the food industry. Thanks to it it is possible to introduce a liquid into a porous food such as fruits, using a professional vacuum packer such as iSensor, from the range mychef by Distform. It can also be used to season or marinate meat and fish.
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Video: Dehydrate foods with mychef evolution oven

If you work in a professional kitchen and need to dehydrate foods with excellent homogeneity, the mychef evolution professional combi oven will be your greatest ally. Its patented TSC (Thermal Stability Control) system dehydrates foods with the lowest thermal oscillation at low temperatures. In addition, thanks to MyCloud it will be possible to monitor the entire process by means of a computer, mobile phone or tablet. 
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Strategies for freezing and chilling food

Cooked foods prepared to be regenerated should be cooled as soon as possible to prevent the multiplication of bacteria and maintain their texture and juiciness. There are several techniques and tools to cool (blast chillers such as mychill, cameras or large capacity refrigerators ...) and freeze (ultra cool freezer, liquid nitrogen, water with ice and salt ...).
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