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Keys to getting the most out of your blast chiller

The blast chillers are very practical equipment in the hostelry sector, as they cool food quickly and favor a proper maintenance of food safety. Unlike traditional freezing in refrigerated chambers, which is slow and expensive, the use of a blast chiller reduces energy consumption and at the same time respects the qualities of the food. 

In order that you can get the most out of your blast chiller, we offer you three keys to take advantage of it and extend its useful life. Take note!

How does a blast chiller work?

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10 reasons to vacuum cook in your bar or restaurant

Vacuum cooking has become increasingly popular among professional cooks for a variety of reasons. If you want to know more about this technique and everything it can contribute to your business, we offer you 10 reasons to vacuum cook that will convince you to use it in your bar or restaurant.
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Tips for extending the service life of your professional oven

Professional combi ovens are basic equipment in the kitchen of a restaurant, bar or community, as they allow a multitude of dishes to be made efficiently and with uniform results. Thanks to its combination of heat and humidity, it is possible to provide food with a great variety of textures. However, these professional ovens need special care and maintenance to function in perfect conditions over time. In order to keep your professional oven in good condition, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures to prolong its service life. 

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5 golden rules to regenerate food successfully

If you work in a professional kitchen and specifically in the catering sector, you will know that food is usually cooked and chilled. At the time of service, these are heated to serve them to the diner at the optimum temperature in a process called regeneration, an important step in industrial kitchens. Do you want to know how you can regenerate food successfully? We show you the 5 golden rules that will help you do it the best way! 

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