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Strategies for freezing and chilling food

Cooked foods prepared to be regenerated should be cooled as soon as possible to prevent the multiplication of bacteria and maintain their texture and juiciness. There are several techniques and tools to cool (blast chillers such as mychill, cameras or large capacity refrigerators ...) and freeze (ultra cool freezer, liquid nitrogen, water with ice and salt ...).
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Advantages of the cook & chill system

In mychef by Distform we have a wide range of kitchen machinery that helps you to save time in your business and gaining quality in your dishes. In this post we will focus on the cook & chill system, a way of cooking and preserving the food you can make with our ovens and blast chillers.
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Vacuum packaging in Gastronorm containers

The use of Gastronorm containers for vacuum packaging is widespread in restaurants, bakeries and collectivities. This system offers, in certain situations, multiple advantages compared to traditional packaging in vacuum bags or in modified atmosphere. In this article we show you how to do it using the iSensor vacuum packing machine from mychef and what advantages this system provides.
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Christmas menu with professional mychef ovens

Christmas dinner is just around the corner and there are many bars and restaurants that finalize their menu for these dates. At mychef we have a wide range of recipes full of gastronomic proposals that you can prepare with our oven. We have chosen some to them to give you a complete Christmas menu. Discover it!
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