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Positive chilling

In this cooling process, the internal temperature of the food falls from 90°C to 3°C in 90 minutes. Soft Chilling is a form of fast cooling that respects the external surfaces of the food. It is suitable for delicate, small and thin food products. Hard Chilling respects food surfaces and organoleptic qualities in the same way. It is suitable for fatty and dense products and large pieces.

Negative chilling

This makes the temperature at the heart of the food fall from 90°C to -18°C in 270 minutes. This type of chilling is recommended for all types of products that are intended to be stored for several monthss.

Cook&Chill System

The cook & chill system, quickly cooking and lowering the temperature, increasingly used in restaurants, is now within your reach with the combination of a mychef oven and a mychill blast chiller. The benefits of this system are broad in terms of organoleptic quality, food safety and product conservation. But above all in the optimization of work in the kitchen: in the weekly planning of purchases and production and in the management of waste and downtime to advance tasks.

The blast chillers are used in restaurants, caterings, bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream shops. mychef offers a wide range of robust and efficient temperature blast chillers that adapt to all needs. In capacities for 3, 5, 10 and 15 GN stand out for their ease of use and convenient maintenance. Combine them with mychef compact ovens to have the perfect cook and chill system.

 mychef oven on mychill blast chiller

Minimize waste

la poubelle

Prevents the proliferation of bacteria by rapidly reducing the internal temperature of the product, thus preserving the nutritional values ​​and quality of the products.

Increase profits

pièce de monnaie

Avoid the creation of the typical crystals of traditional freezing. Maintains the consistency, flavor, texture and volume & nbsp; original of food.

Plan purchases


It allows you to buy raw materials and seasonal products in larger quantities at a better price.

Speed ​​and organization


You will obtain an optimal stock control, production planning and it will facilitate the service.

¿Which blast chiller do I need? There is a mychill blast chiller for you.

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