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TSC (Thermal Stability Control)

Unprecedented temperature control in an oven.

The patented TSC (Thermal Stability Control) system offers unrivaled temperature stability in the cooking chamber. The result is dishes with more appealing textures and huge energy savings.
The TSC system measures the temperature in the cooking chamber several times per second and transfers the amount of energy needed to provide maximum temperature stability with minimum variation (±0.2ºC).
The result is unequaled precision in low-temperature cooking, sous-vide cooking, dehydration, pasteurization, and steaming. All of the organoleptic properties of the final product are preserved, with brilliant color, and all with decreased weight loss and maximum respect for the final product.
In addition, the precision of the TSC system means that your mychef oven consumes only as much energy as it needs to maintain a stable temperature, avoiding temperature spikes. The result: energy savings of up to 23%.

SmartWind ensures maximum evenness in cooking, thanks to the innovative thermodynamic fan design, together with intelligent management of the fan direction.
SmartWind intelligently determines which of the 6 fan speeds should be used at any given time. This ensures perfect results in delicate products such as baked good, pastries, dehydration, etc.

Cook overnight at low temperatures with complete peace of mind. The NightWatch allows a cooking process to resume exactly where it left off after a power outage. And if the temperature drops below 56ºC, the oven will send you a visual and auditory alarm and also on your mobile phone to ensure complete food safety.

SmartClima Plus


SmartClima Plus

Fast, dense and safe steam. 

Thanks to the advanced SmartClima Plus sensors, the oven is able to monitor real-time moisture conditions within the cooking chamber up to ten times per second, based o the type and amount of food. SmartClima Plus automatically adjusts the moisture level by injecting or extracting steam to obtain the desired results, with a perfect cooking every time.
The three intelligent technologies used in SmartClima Plus (MultiSteam, UltraVioletStam and DryOut systems) work together to achieve the same goal: the most even possible cooking to achieve the most succulent dishes with minimum water consumption and maximum performance efficiency.



Step-by-step control

Handle mychef concept with ease from day one. The oven includes a central LCD screen with short-cut keys to cooking and washing programs. The LCD screen and its illuminated rotary dial simplify every process and indicate possible next steps. An intuitive, convenient way to interact with the oven and know its status at all times.




The MyCare intelligent self-cleaning system eliminates every type of dirt automatically, without human intervention. Based on how dirty the chamber is, MyCare proposes the most efficient cleaning program. Thanks to the patented UltraVioletSteam system, the final wash cycle generates pathogen-free steam throughout the chamber, leaving it sterilized for maximum food safety.

MyCare offers maximum energy savings with less consumption of detergent and fewer toxic emissions.

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